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New Release!

I know! I should have updated this website a while ago :(

I am still very much alive and very busy.

So, whats new?

In The Dark

I made and released this game in a three weeks blitz. It was a small game just to distance myself a bit from bigger projects. It was really fun to do. I must admit, platforming shooters are definately my favorite type of games. I think its fun but its really simple. Play it here

Armor Mayhem 2

I have been working for over a month on this project with a friend of mine. As with the last one, I will be making everything except the level art. The goal of this project is the re-do the visuals and upgrade the game-play to make this game even more awesome. I really hope I will be able to bring back the level editing and sharing. I modified the tools a lot and it would be fun to have the time to make them “public ready”. Lets cross our fingers on this one. I will try to post more updates on AM2 as soon as I find enough time to do so.

Meanwhile, here are some sneak peaks:

Sorry for the lack of updates, ill try to put more stuff out here.


Star Lost is Live

Star Lost is finally out! Sorry for the small delay. The game took longer than I expected to complete.

Go try it and show some love! :D

A project needs your help

Once in a while some developers try to raise the bar of their domain.

This is what these guys are trying to do, but they are starting to run out of time/money. They need your help:

Visit the project page


Star Lost Revealed

While venturing between two space colonies, you were sucked into a black hole to come out at the other end of the galaxy. No one ever came where you are. Luckily, your ship is able to harvest dense matter and transform it into various objects. It’s all about matter density. Good thing those hyper dense crystals are around. By building space launchers you should be able to make it home.. eventually. You must be quick, before these weird beings show up and mess you up. Should you expose your ship to damage and save resources for the jump or approach the situation care? Only a good captain could get out of this mess…

I have been working on this new game for about three weeks now. Its about 70% complete. Its a small project but I think it will be a lot of fun. I laid out most of the engine and graphics and its finally visually pleasing enough to show off a little :P . I must say it feels good to be make art again. I am not sure if its better for the long term, but I am definitely enjoying it for now. Here are some screen-shots:


I hope you will enjoy it when it will come out :D I am aiming for an Alpha by December 14th.

The Alpha is a testing version. Once the balancing, branding and etc is done, the game will come out.

Last Castle is live

Go play it!


Last Castle is almost here!


After an extra week of debugging, the game is nearing completion. It should release today.

I can’t say its perfect, but I think I got rid of most the bugs. Since the game is Multiplayer, a lot of things happen that I can’t just reproduce or identify. Because of that, you might experience minor bugs.

I must say it feels great to finally release this game.

Last Castle update

Wooaah, that game is taking a lot of time to complete. Sorry everyone for the delay.

The Beta is still up though, so go play it! Its basically the full game, so you don’t need to wait haha.

It could have released yesterday, but we had a huge network issue with the game that finally got fixed. It was a stupid mistake of mine. Every game was sending updates 10 times a second to everyone on the server. Talk about bandwidth waste! It was exponential and way too heavy. It was a line of code I forgot to remove… I felt so stupid because Armor Games had to dedicate an other of their employees to help me figure out why I was using so much bandwidth. We talked hours about my network strategies without really finding an effective way to make it lighter. Turns out I coded the game right, but I forgot that stupid line of code. I was so happy when I found out it was a stupid mistake :D I was about to re-code most of the networking and the game might have been simpler. But hey, its all fixed now :D Stress relief is awesome!

Also, if you would like to get more information about the game, a fan made some videos about the heroes you can control in the game. Here is the first video: The Knight Spotlight.

Thanks to Daikenkini who is making these videos :D

I will post here when the game is publicly released to update you all.



New office soon

I doubt many workers at home read this blog but as some of you might know working from home is a hard psychological experience. Mixing your personal life space with work can bring a lot of advantages but also a lot of problems.

Its been more than a year working from home now and I needed a change. Right before Math decided to stop working with me and ArmorGames, I was looking for an office. I finally found it two weeks ago and I am almost ready to move in.

I really can’t wait to move to this office and start working on new projects in my new lair.

Here are some pictures of the developments:


Last Castle Beta

The time has come! This is your chance to prove you are worthy of your knighthood by defending The Last Castle. This is going to be a private beta set for testing in the following week. For those who are interested in testing their talents, you must complete THIS FORM. Those who are selected will be notified by tomorrow, Friday, October 21st. You can also click the image above to fill out the registration form. Good luck, and may the best man defend his castle!


Last Castle: Multiplayer from hell

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I am still working very hard on the game.

Since the game is multiplayer, I ran into a lot of issues I never had to meet before. Even more, since most of the game logic is made on the client and not the server, it causes a lot of sync issues.

By example, if you press alt-tab and go watch something else while you are in a game, your flash player (what runs our game) will freeze. Its bad news because the other players are still playing and you are not. This causes unit updates issues and bugs the game.

So, now when someone leaves the game unattended, a message will appear to all the users pausing their game. After a while, inactive users are kicked out from the game ( 10 seconds for the moment ). I coded this this weekend and today.

Now that this is done, I have to fix a bug that makes some units die on your screen but not on the other’s screen. I can’t seem to wrap my head around this one yet.

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